St Blazey v Newquay Abandoned.

St Blazey 0v2 Newquay. Att,100. Away 15est.

The match was abandoned after just 29 minutes as the floodlights failed to come on with darkness setting in. The match had got underway with the lights warming up on a lovely summers evening. Jack Alexander had two chances to give St Blazey the lead with the first being well saved before Newquay scored with a brilliant free kick and then doubled their lead from the spot after the referee awarded a penalty for a clumsy challenge from behind. The penalty was put away to put Newquay in control.

The match referee was concerned about the light and called a halt to proceedings while the lights could be turned off and back on to try and restore power but even with the help of a Newquay supporter who had fitted the lights some 30 years ago it was all in vain and the match was called off.

St Blazey A.F.C would like to apologise to Newquay A.F.C, supporters and everyone concerned and will be doing everything they can to put right the issues with the lights as soon as possible.

The match will be replayed at a later date.