Mark Rowles

PositionDevelopment Officer

St Blazey Football Club decided, at the end of last season, to work with M&N services, a community consultancy business that specialises in sport and leisure to develop a three year development plan. The plan outlines the priorities for the club in the next 3 years and identify s who is responsible for its delivery. The plan was devised after a series of consultation events with the committee members, spectators, volunteers, local councilors, and residents of St Blazey.

The club is determined to develop its community links and over the course of the season we shall share progress, the aspirations contained within the development plan and the areas of work it covers. Today’s piece talks about our strap line and why it is important.

During the consultation it became clear that the club was extremely proud of its past, and rightly so. However, it also appeared, and was acknowledged by everyone involved in providing thoughts that this also meant that on to many occasions when looking at the way forward the conversion would start with, ‘In the old days we did it this way’. As a result, the club in certain areas of its work, has not adapted to the changing times and this has lead to the club falling behind others in terms of performance, facility development and community engagement.

The club decided they wish to not forget the past but to look to the future and therefore its strap line that will appear in its promotional material is

Proud of the past, excited about the future.

The club has ambitious  future plans and had managed to engage with people within our community that can make this happen. The club hopes that our supporters will enjoy reading about these plans on our web page through out the year.

Mark Rowles.

St Blazey Development Officer.