Ground regulations

Admission and the right to remain within Blaise Park is strictly on condition that the spectator shall not commit any of the following:

Failing to comply with the directions given by a club official, steward or police officer in uniform.

Going onto the playing area or adjoining parts.

Climbing on any buildings, walls or fences.

Singing obscene, racist or indecent songs or using obscene, racist or indecent language.

Making any obscene, racist or indecent gestures.

Defacing any notices or advertising with the clubs premises or grounds.

Causing damage to the structure constituting the stadium.

We would ask if you could consume alcohol in the designated areas.

The club reserves the right to refuse admission to any person.

St Blazey Football Club prides itself on being a family club. Any inappropriate or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and offenders will be asked to leave the premises or grounds. Please observe all rulings, as it will add to the enjoyment for everyone.

St Blazey Football Club supports the F.A’s RESPECT campaign.