Saltash 6 0 St Blazey
16th October 2019 at 7.30pm
Kimberley Stadium
S.W.P West

Saltash 6v0 St Blazey. Att,200. Away 50est


Half time, Saltash 4v0 St Blazey


Full time, Saltash 6v0 St Blazey

Thank you to Saltash T.V for their match highlights.

Man of the match, Matt Edwards.

Joint manager Matt Hayden had this to say about his performance.

Matty never stopped grafting and worked hard for his team mates in defence. A tough game, but Matt continued his recent run of good form and he’s a great player to have within the squad.

Joint manager Matt Hayden had this to say after last night’s defeat,

Well last nights game was a lesson for all of us it’s safe to say. We weren’t great at all by our standards but we had some good spells where we played some decent football just didn’t take the chances we had unfortunately. Saltash were ruthless and you’ve got to give them credit for that. The chances they had they took. We take this on the chin as a squad and learn from it and never stop the hunger to improve and be better.

Next up for St Blazey, a return to Blaise Park where high flying Helston Athletic are the visitors. Kick off 3.00pm