The early years of St Blazey Football Club.

St Blazey Parish was named after the Patron Saint of the Woolcombers, St Blaise The football club was founded in 1896 by Doctor E.S.S. Davis who was also one of the earlist memebers of the county football association, later in 1924/25 to be a Vice President of the association.

The clubs first field was the one next to the present site, which is now Aberdeen Close. At one time the field was used for horse racing, by a Mr Perry and the edge of the field below the Laundry had gaps in the hedges to allow the horses to have a longer run.

After playing there for a few years , they moved to a field at Back Lane, behind the Packhorse Hotel, this being the clubs headquarters, where they used to meet and travel away by cart and horses.

St Blaise Park was first used in 1906 until the beginning of the first world war of 1914/18 when sand  taken from the field was used to fill sandbags. Tons of sand were removed and later the field was refilled with rubbish. After the war they played at Middleway, known as Kitts Moor, whilst the field was re-seeded. The field which was rented from St. Blazey Parish Council was let out to all and sundry – fairs, circuses and even pony racing, not forgetting Cornish wrestling on feast days.

Little information is available for the early years where local papers found more to write about then football. The club joined the St Austell and district league in 1901.